BrickPredator How to Buy?

Here I will tell you how to buy what I do. But first I will answer one question:

How and from what it is made?

I used metal ejection molding techniques for every element. I use Nickel Silver as the main material for all gear and weapons. Learn more about this type of metal following the link from Wikipedia. This type of metal is used for producing coins in many countries across the globe.

Predator's dreadlocks are made of beads. You can paint every piece of armor in any color in accordance with your preferences. You can create your own customized figures by nagging, engraving and do any staff you want. It will never harm Predator's durability

Accessories for mini-figures are made of metal Nickel silver Accessories for mini-figures are made of metal Nickel silver
Predator's weapon is made of a special metal Predator's weapon is made of a special metal

How to Buy?

All you need is to write me in personal messages on Instagram or use Facebook to keep in touch with me. You can also opt for feedback form. Don't forget to indictae the number of items you want to buy as well as indicate the exact product. I will provide necessary PayPal information to complete the purchase. The package will be sent after I receive the payment.

What are the delivery terms?

The worldwide delivery will cost you about $5.

Spring Global Mail is a world leader in the provision of international mail services to businesses. We are owned by one of the world’s most dynamic and respected postal organisations, PostNL of the Netherlands. I mainly use a "registered" type of shipment letting you easily track your parcel on its way. Monitor every stage of the delivery from the beginning to an end.

It usually takes from 2 to 4 weeks to complete the delivery. Keep in mind that the delivery terms can change in accordance with your location, custom office regulations, climate conditions and any other circumstances.

We kindly ask to track all notifications in order not to miss your package. Always check your nearest post office. The package may be already there.

Custom duty is not included in the price. You may be asked to pay additional fee or duty if the price exceed regulated custom value in your country. You can learn more information in the custom office department of your country. 

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How to buy BrickPredator? How to buy BrickPredator?
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